TS-105 Jimmy Page


This wiring had been developed in collaboration with Six String Supplies, which own the exclusive on the selling.

It is one of the most complete wiring in terms of connections: it can be configured in 21 different ways!

The award winning Jimmy Page wiring harness gives you near unlimited tonal control and options. The push pull pots allow you to coil split each humbucker, play both pickups in series together or out of phase with each other. This prewired kit is wired in the popular “50s” Les PaulĀ® style, reducing the loss of treble as the volume is rolled back.

– Six String Supplies –

The development started in early 2021, when Six String Supplies asked TOMA Systems to produce a solderless version of one of their best seller guitar wiring.

The major problem was to find a way to connect CTS push pull pots to the main board and, after few design iterations, we finally came out with a good solution: TS-106.

This tiny PCB interface can be mounted directly on top of the CTS board and it provides a tidy connection with the main circuit.